Do you love this site? Then donate to help keep it alive! So, how can you donate?

The monthly site expenses (120+ EUR/month) are paid out of pocket. You should consider donating as all proceeds go to buying games from

What are donations used for exactly?

Buying games from

Do I get anything in return?

Yes, donors have special privileges which are provided after donating (no CAPTCHA and easier downloading).

What methods of payment do you take?

PaySafeCard and cryptocurrency. PaySafeCards can be purchased with normal methods of payment (PayPal, credit/debit card). If you are in the EU, you can purchase PaySafeCard at Recharge or WKV. If you are in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand you can purchase from PC Game Supply.

I do not need any donor benefits. What is your cryptocurrency address?

You can find the addresses by clicking here.

I want to donate. What are the next steps?

Reach out with the payment method you want to donate with at: [email protected]. If you are sending a PaySafeCard, please email the 16-digit code along with the amount it is worth and the country it is for. Do NOT use this address to send money from PayPal. It will be ignored and returned.